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Dining committee dishes on what’s delicious

The Dining Department at Topeka Presbyterian Manor prides itself on providing delicious, nutritious meals to our residents.

And while it wouldn’t be possible without the passion and dedication of Dining Services Director Atul Karki and his staff, there’s another group that’s also working hard to ensure that all meals are delicious – the Dining Committee.

Arliss Douglass heads up the committee, which meets with Atul every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.

“Arliss and her team do a great job of compiling the note cards with meal scores that residents leave after every meal. It really helps us to know if they liked or didn’t like something new we tried, and what we should rotate into our menu more often,” said Atul.

While Arliss is very much appreciated for her efforts on the Dining Committee, it wasn’t a position that she sought out.

“A gentleman asked me to come help out on it, then he had to go into the hospital for a while, and when he came back he never picked it back up. So here I am!” said Arliss. “Residents fill out a card on the table, rate their food from 1 to 5, 1 being least good, and 5 being the best. I take them and combine them, and let the dining staff know what residents think.”

In addition to offering feedback, the dining comment cards serve as a way to convey compliments to the staff, and they help open the door to communication with new staff members.

“I write a monthly newsletter for the residents, and in working with Atul on the food committee, I asked if he’d like to share information about new hires. If we know them better, and they’re shy, or maybe it’s their first job, we want to get to know them. Residents are always very kind, but if there’s an issue with the food one day, it helps to have that personal relationship.”

We appreciate the committee for all they do to help our Dining Services Department keep doing great work!

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