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Topeka residents celebrate ‘Christmas in July’

Why wait until December? This summer, Topeka Presbyterian Manor residents enjoyed an out-of-season holiday party with food and activities to match.

“Each level was decorated differently,” said Alyssa Colter, life enrichment director. “Health care has a snowman theme, assisted living was a Charlie Brown theme, and independent living was a fun Christmas-at-the-beach theme.”

Each theme corresponded with a different activity. For example, health care residents used fake snow to make snowmen.

The party was Alyssa’s brainchild, and it was produced by the life enrichment team.

Staff and residents enjoyed a menu of tasty holiday desserts, plus frozen hot chocolate and “Grinch” popcorn.

The event was a success and helped prime the community for the real holiday celebration to come in just a matter of months.

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