Residents enjoy a brass duet

Two local trumpeters played a special concert outside the windows of Topeka Presbyterian Manor last month. In a way, the brass duet was a tribute to one of our residents.
October 23, 2020

Free virtual event explores psychology of change

The Psychology of Change was originally scheduled in March, but we believe this topic is so important that we’ve taken it virtual so we bring it to you now. It will be offered twice, 2 p.m. November 5, and again at 5:30 p.m. November 10. Register online today.
October 8, 2020

Presbyterian Manor to host virtual VA pension boot camp

If you or a loved one served in the armed forces, you may be eligible for pension benefits through the Veterans Administration to cover the costs of long-term care. RSVP today for a free virtual event featuring local elder law attorney Scott Sexton November 9 and look at changes to the program made in 2018 and 2019 that can provide financial support for veterans who otherwise might end up applying for Medicaid assistance for long-term care.
October 5, 2020

Presbyterian Manor to host virtual estate planning workshop

Estate planning can be a complicated task, filled with pitfalls. Learn how to avoid them and protect your assets with “Estate Planning on a Budget,” a free virtual event at 2 p.m. Monday, October 19, hosted by Topeka Presbyterian Manor. RSVP today.
September 30, 2020

Presbyterian Manor to host virtual elder law event

Forget everything you’ve been told about estate planning and elder law. Most of it is probably wrong anyway. Topeka Presbyterian Manor will bust those myths in a free virtual event featuring local elder law attorney Scott Sexton on September 28. Learn the most common things people get wrong about elder law and estate planning, a poorly understood area of the law. Sexton will explain why these misunderstandings are dangerous and costly, and share simple, affordable actions people can take now to avoid these pitfalls.
September 2, 2020