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Celebrating the everyday hero

When Director of Dining Services Atul Karki transferred here from Emporia Presbyterian Manor, he brought with him an employee recognition program called HERO.

“People can be heroes in many different ways, from their teamwork, to their great ideas to their dedication to helping the organization. This program is a way to recognize those who go above and beyond,” said Atul. “The dining services management team gets together at the end of every month and discusses which employee is eligible, and how they stood out in their service. Whomever is chosen gets a $25 gift card. It’s a good program to increase employee motivation.”

The latest HERO was chef Lucky Pollet, who stepped up to work multiple extra shifts when there was a staff shortage.

“We appreciate his efforts to ensure smooth operations and terrific service for his fellow staff members and our residents who count on food services every day,” said Atul.

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