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Why Choose Senior Living Community Apartments

It may be tempting to move into an all-ages apartment community while you are still healthy and active. But there comes a point when it is actually better for your overall well-being to live alongside other seniors. 

The Benefits of Senior Living

Research published in PubMed Central® (PMC) – a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) – looks at how senior housing improves healthy aging. 

The study, “Senior Housing as a Living Environment That Supports Well-Being in Old Age,” outlines several criteria that are important as people leave the family home for a new, more suitable lifestyle. Factors that made the most difference for those who moved to a senior community were that:

  • It was their own individual choice. (Not their family’s decision.)
  • It would provide a positive environment for aging in place.
  • It was a move that allowed them to prepare for the future.

Researchers also found that all senior living communities share the same goal:  to “support independent living as much as possible” while “offering social activities, community participation, and mutual support and help.” That help, or course, includes onsite healthcare resources for changing needs over time.

Camaraderie, Activity and Safety

A senior apartment community promotes socialization among residents, who often find they have much in common with each other. An all-ages apartment complex is unlikely to provide that same level of familiarity and fellowship. Many renters will be working and/or have children. Their priorities are far different than those of an active retiree.

That’s why a built-in schedule of activities is a highlight of senior apartments. For example, here at Topeka Presbyterian Manor, we have fitness groups, weekly games, book clubs, concerts, speakers, monthly parties and more. Many of our residents go on organized day trips to local attractions. There’s really never a dull moment.

Security is another important consideration when you live among others. That’s why senior living communities stress safety above all. Apartments have advanced features, like an emergency call system and 24/7 assistance. Residents also have the peace of mind knowing that if they have an illness or injury, healthcare resources are readily available onsite. 

The Choice is Yours!

More and more senior living apartment communities will become available as the need continues to grow. People aged 65+ are expected to comprise almost 22% of the United States population by 2040. States in the Midwest have actually seen up to 32% growth in the number of older adults already (2009 – 2019).

These numbers come from the Administration for Community Living, an operating division of the

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Their May 2021 report, “2020 Profile of Older Americans,” also shows that 45% spend one-third or more of their income on housing. All the more reason to love where you live!

Choosing a senior living community is an important decision. It requires time, research and thoughtful consideration. This helpful guide – “Choosing a senior living community” – from the experts at Harvard Medical School can help you get started.

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