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What's cooking in the kitchen

In Atul Karki’s world, there’s no such thing as “too many cooks in the kitchen.” At least, not in his kitchen with his great team of cooks!

“When I realized there was such a thing as Chef Appreciation Week, I thought, ‘why not cook appreciation week?’” said Atul. “So, August 13-17 that’s what we did. We don’t technically have a chef here, but with the size of our community, these cooks do so much! They make things happen, and we should appreciate them.”

During Chef/Cook Appreciation week, Atul’s team got a certificate and enjoyed a special cake.

“Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Fortunately, the residents express their appreciation quite a bit especially in our weekly food committee meeting. We like having that personal connection with residents, and we often highlight one of our dietary staff people in the daily menus, so residents can get to know them better.”

Since Atul took the reins in the kitchen at Topeka Presbyterian Manor, he’s been open to trying new things and improving the dining experience for all involved.

In addition to celebrating his staff and meeting with residents on the food committee, Atul recently organized a “teaching kitchen” event for residents.

“We brought residents in and we made a salsa recipe together. We tried various spices, and it was a great way to demonstrate our expertise as well as connect with residents,” said Atul.

Atul plans on hosting the teaching kitchen events quarterly, as the first event was such a success. We appreciate all that Atul and his team of talented cooks do to make Topeka Presbyterian Manor a great place to call home!

PHOTO: Topeka Presbyterian Manor celebrated its many cooks August 13 – 17 for Chef/Cook Appreciation Week.

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