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What is the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care?

If you or your loved one can no longer live safely or independently at home, it might be the time to consider a senior living community. As you research the different types of communities and levels of care, you’ll want to understand the advantages of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. While both kinds of care offer assistance, there are some key differences and benefits with each type of care.

How does Assisted Living work?
Assisted Living is “personal care” in a residential setting, and it can make all the difference in how independently a person lives each day. At an Assisted Living community, admission eligibility is based on the level of care that the potential resident needs. Assisted Living is for people who are mostly independent, but would also benefit from caring and supportive help with the activities of daily living (ADLs) in order to continue to stay as independent as possible. This is a great option for older adults who don’t require higher levels of care, but for those who want to live a little easier and more safely. It’s also a great choice for those who want to take advantage of all the services, amenities and social engagement that comes with community living. The key to the thriving Assisted Living community at Topeka Presbyterian Manor is that the residents are encouraged to experience life at their own pace with the freedom of choice. There are a variety of amenities, services and housing options. Different floor plans offer high-end comforts and safety features built right in. Residents benefit from the excellent housekeeping services and nutritious meals. There’s also a monthly social and fitness calendar with engaging events and activities that focus on all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. The people who live here enjoy a well-rounded experience with caring and supportive services designed to help them stay as independent as possible.

What does Assisted Living at Topeka Presbyterian Manor provide?
The team of caring professionals at Topeka Presbyterian Manor provides the help that residents need to stay independent and allows for freedom of choice. It’s a social lifestyle complete with enriching activities, events and camaraderie. Assisted Living resident services include:

  • 24/7 support and care
  • Medication management
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry services
  • Fitness and health programs
  • Safety and security, smoke alarms, emergency call system and 24/7 security and emergency access.
  • Lifestyle and community activities
  • Delicious and nutritious dining with friends

What is Skilled Nursing Care?
Skilled Nursing is regarded as a higher level of care and must be provided by trained individuals, such as licensed physicians, registered nurses (RNs) and physical, speech and occupational therapists. A licensed physician often supervises each patient’s care plan, and a highly qualified team of RNs, LPNs and certified nurses’ aides (CNAs) provides round-the-clock nursing care.

Older adults often come to skilled nursing communities after a significant health event. They’re usually well enough to leave the hospital, but they still need the around-the-clock care that Skilled Nursing provides. The most common diagnoses seen at Skilled Nursing facilities are strokes, brain injuries, orthopedic injuries (typically after a fall), UTIs, post-joint replacement surgery, cancer, pneumonia, or other acute cardio-pulmonary dysfunction. Examples of the higher level of care and services include wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, injections, specialized medical equipment, and monitoring vital signs.

Skilled Nursing at Topeka Presbyterian Manor is part of a full continuum of care right on campus. It often overlaps with other levels of care or heath needs. Coordinated care is provided by healthcare teams including PATH® therapy services partners Aegis Therapies®. Whether the goal is for shorter-term recovery from a hospital stay or for the long term, the specialized medical care team at Topeka Presbyterian Manor consistently receives the highest ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our Skilled Nursing services support residents every step of the way.

Skilled Nursing services at Topeka Presbyterian Manor

  • Individualized care planning
  • 24-hour qualified care
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Medication management
  • Restorative nursing
  • Short-term rehabilitation
  • Post-cardiac rehab
  • Post-stroke rehab

In Conclusion
When you or your loved one can no longer live safely or independently at home, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing can be a solid and reliable next step. In addition to the right amount of care, a warm and friendly residential setting, and a full calendar of engaging events and activities, residents can look forward to a well-rounded and positive experience. In a senior living community like Topeka Presbyterian Manor, there’s also peace of mind. With 24/7 safety and security features built right in, a helping hand nearby and new friends and neighbors, residents can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing at a faith-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality senior services guided by Christian values, contact us online or call us at 785-272-6510. We look forward to answering your questions or showing you around the campus.

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