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Volunteer Voices

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and while we have many wonderful volunteers to thank, this month we’re highlighting a special volunteer who makes life a little brighter for Presbyterian Manor residents.

When it came time for Ellen Evans to retire, she didn’t go very far. That’s because she retired from work at Topeka Presbyterian Manor in 2012, and quickly returned to volunteer in the store.

“I used to do Wii bowling as well, but interest in that waned, so I stayed helping in the store on Mondays,” said Ellen. “The store is volunteer run and is an important thing for resident quality of life. They can purchase snack items, greeting cards, dishwashing soap, Kleenex, toothpaste, etc. They can maintain their independence and not have to get out in the elements just for basic necessities.”

And as much as Ellen enjoys helping the residents, she recognizes the benefits she receives as well.

“I just enjoy the people. I’ve made some great friends here. I think that anyone who is retired should get out and volunteer. Don’t just sit at home. That was a goal for my retirement, to get out and volunteer," she said.

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