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Things we love: Chapel and Bistro

There’s plenty to love at Topeka Presbyterian Manor! Lately, our residents have been celebrating two things, in particular – our beautiful chapel and our newly re-opened bistro!

Chaplain Bob Giffin said the chapel will celebrate its 60th anniversary in July.

“We are so privileged and blessed to have this chapel on our property,” said Giffin. “Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jellison made a $50K donation in 1962 and a year later it opened. I’ve been in many chapels during my time as a pastor. Ours is really second to none.”

Giffin said plans are in place to purchase several items that will further enhance the gorgeous space, including table runners, wall banners and pulpit scarves.

“I’m so grateful that the Manor is partnering with us to do this,” he said.

The chapel is used frequently by residents, either as a place to attend church services (held twice weekly) or as a place for quiet contemplation and prayer.

Closer to the dining area is the new bistro, which includes options for coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and a “hydration station” where residents can grab some snacks.

“They’re really excited about it,” said Thomas Garvin, director of dining services. “Our residents love having the extra options.”

Garvin said the bistro had been in the planning stages for several months and he thinks the space looks great!

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