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Therapy staff an important part of helping residents live life

Topeka Presbyterian Manor therapists are often the unsung heroes of care provided to temporary and long-term residents, but their services are essential to helping people regain independence after surgery or illness.

Trisha Behr, director of therapy, said her staff provides therapy services to residents in Health Care as well as Assisted Living and Independent Living residents. They also offer free screening services to AL and IL as a wellness service.

Therapists are an important part of helping residents maintain their highest level of mobility and function so they can live their life to the fullest. Trisha said the team at Topeka Manor is exceptional because they take pride in producing real and lasting results and building meaningful relationships with residents, families and staff.

“Some of us have been here for many years, and we have a great relationship with the residents,” Trisha said. “They are very open to coming to us when they have a concern or potential need for therapy services.”

Trisha said her team’s key to success is also communicating well with each other and community staff.

“Everyone has a different level of experience and knows who they can go to with questions,” she said. “We have open communication and everyone on the team knows what is expected of them.”

Along with the entire Presbyterian Manor, Trisha would like to say thank you to the therapy staff.

“You guys do an amazing job,” she said. “The results show in our residents!”

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