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The Benefits of Independent Living Communities for Seniors

The Benefits of Independent Living Communities for Seniors

Some of the most attractive benefits of Independent Living at a senior living community (also known as a retirement community) include the maintenance-free lifestyle, the sense of community, 24/7 safety and security, and an abundance of health and wellness programs. With all of these things in place, residents have more time and energy to focus on what truly matters.

Everyone’s ideal way of living means something different, so what matters most is personal. Whether seniors are interested in checking items off a “bucket list”, spending more time with family and friends, or exploring lifelong learning programs, an Independent Living community like Topeka Presbyterian Manor has everything covered, so residents can focus on living well.

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living is an ideal situation for older people who can still live independently, but who might also enjoy a little help when they need it. The Independent Living lifestyle at a place like Topeka Presbyterian Manor is for healthy seniors who want to enjoy more freedom — freedom from home maintenance, freedom from a to-do list, and freedom from housekeeping and cooking.

Today’s retirement communities have stepped up their game with more offerings and amenities than ever before. fitness groups, guest speakers, book clubs, and social events are a sampling of what most communities have to offer. Plus, there’s peace of mind in knowing that security and a full range of health services are available onsite if residents ever need it.

Living the Low Maintenance Lifestyle

The low maintenance lifestyle is key at a senior living community and might be one of the biggest benefits. Residents are able to replace the daily household chores and the mundane tasks of home ownership with more fun and rewarding pursuits. At Topeka Presbyterian Manor, home maintenance is included. With the Independent Living lifestyle, seniors can enjoy a flexible dining program and weekly housekeeping too.

When there are only so many hours in a day, it’s important to enjoy every minute. And with less housework, there’s more time to play. Residents attend birthday parties, holiday gatherings and ice cream socials. There are groups and clubs for many interests. Independent Living residents at Topeka Presbyterian Manor can choose whatever interests them including:

  • Visiting more frequently with family and friends both near and far
  • Volunteering more time at a local library, animal shelter or church
  • Becoming a lifelong learner by attending our Just Ask series of events,
  • Rekindling old hobbies, learning to paint, even participating in our Art is Ageless® program
  • Participating in fitness groups , and gardening
  • Reading more books, having more discussions with the book club
  • Attending community events or participating in community activities

Gaining a Sense of Community

Another significant benefit to Independent Living is the opportunity to meet friends and create new and meaningful relationships. Friends are important at every age. With so many opportunities to participate in community events and group activities, making new social connections is easier than you might think.

Research has shown that staying socially connected helps people stay healthier for longer. In fact, studies show that spending time with friends and enjoying a strong social circle are crucial for healthy aging. Social isolation and feelings of loneliness can lead to increased risk of depression and anxiety, more rapid cognitive decline, increased risk of heart disease and even an increased risk of premature death. When it comes to creating a social circle, sharing experiences, whether it’s a concert, a craft session, or a walk in the park can start the connection process between participants. At Independent Living communities, monthly calendars are full of interesting opportunities, clubs, and special events. Retirement communities like Topeka Presbyterian Manor make socialization a top priority for Independent Living residents — here’s a sample of what’s on the schedule this month!

Finding Safety and Security at a Retirement Community

Independent Living residents are able to take advantage of thoughtfully designed residences. Some examples of safe design at retirement communities like Topeka Presbyterian Manor include ramps, extra wide hallways, hallway handrails, walk-in showers, and bathrooms with grab bars. Proper lighting helps residents avoid falls while carpeting in residences provides warmth and traction. Many of these safety features allow a person with mobility or vision issues to move about easily and remain independent for longer.

Another safety benefit includes faster access to care including 911. In case of a medical emergency, there is always someone around to help out. Residents at most retirement communities can also take advantage of many on-site wellness programs and services like blood pressure checks and nutritional counseling. During the pandemic, retirement communities practiced strategies to stop the spread of the virus including things like onsite vaccinations, protective equipment, and screening the visitors. Security is very well thought out at communities like Topeka Presbyterian Manor. There are cameras to deter crime and there are disaster and fire safety precautions all over campus including sprinkler systems and extinguishers. The best senior living communities prioritize a sense of well-being, safety and security, so residents can focus on living well in retirement.

Health and Wellness

These days older adults are living longer, better, and with more expectations. Communities like Topeka Presbyterian Manor focus on meeting those expectations with a variety of health and wellness programs including fresh and nutritious meal plans, religious studies and worship services, a variety of physical activities, engaging social programs and other initiatives designed to improve the lives of residents.

The dining experience is an important component of the culture at many retirement communities and one of the top benefits. At Topeka Presbyterian Manor, flexible meal plans with seasonal entrees and always-available menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. Independent Living residents can enjoy chef prepared balanced meals, engage in a social dining experience, and choose what they’d like to eat. Dining packages at most communities are designed to fit any lifestyle and the menu accommodates dietary restrictions such as diabetic, heart-health, even gluten free.

Physical and spiritual wellness programs are also important for Independent Living residents, Faith-based senior living communities like Topeka Presbyterian Manor provide an on-site chaplain, a chapel for residents to practice their faith, and the chance to join in Bible studies with other residents. Topeka Presbyterian Manor offers many opportunities for active participation for residents through worship services, prayer groups, holiday celebrations, and more.

Personal Care

Some Independent Living communities offer a full range of care services that include personal care. This is peace of mind for residents and their families. Personal care services give residents the opportunity to thrive. With supportive care to lift the burdens and manage activities of daily living, residents can focus on their own interests and pursue new hobbies and friendships.


For those who are looking forward to starting a new chapter, the benefits of Independent Living communities like Topeka Presbyterian Manor are hard to beat. The maintenance-free lifestyle, the sense of community, 24/7 safety and security, and an abundance of health and wellness programs gives residents more time and energy to focus on what truly matters in retirement.

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