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Summertime reminiscing

We asked our residents to give us their best summer memories, and we can just feel the sunshine, hear the splashing and smell the campfires!

"We lived in a small town in Minnesota. The town had a swimming pool we could use free. We kids would get home about 4 p.m. Waiting for us was homemade bread for a radish sandwich."

"I remember the good time we spent at a farm pond near Mayetta, Kan., that we leased with 15 other families. We had a sand swimming beach, a toilet, fishing docks, pontoon boat and horseshoe pits. We would go camping on weekends with our kids, grandkids and a bunch of really good friends."

- Playing with my siblings in the pond

- Family camping/boating trips

- Running away from June bugs! Squishing/lightning bugs. I didn’t like bugs back then…

- Going camping with my grandparents, sitting around campfires, fishing on the boat, lake swimming, looking at stars.

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