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PATH helps Margaret Phillips return home

Margaret Phillips is happy to get back to her normal way of living thanks to PATH.[/caption]

When independent living resident Margaret Phillips began having some health challenges, including vertigo, she worried about whether she’d be able to return to the same level of care at Topeka Presbyterian Manor after being in the hospital for a week.

“When I’d stand up, I’d go forward or backward, so walking was very difficult,” said Margaret. “But I came to the PATH program, and they had machines I could work on to strengthen myself. After being in the hospital so long, I’d lost some strength.”

PATH, or Post Acute to Home, is a program of Topeka Presbyterian Manor that offers rehabilitation services to residents or community members with a goal of returning home. And for Margaret, “home” was back in independent living.

“I was in PATH for about three weeks, and it was so nice because my friends from independent living could come see me. And I can continue with my therapy now so I keep progressing. Being back home among my friends is great, and the PATH staff was sure nice to me,” said Margaret.

One of the things Margaret looked forward to was sewing again. “They have a sewing group here, and I just love to sew. My niece brought me a sewing machine, and I can help with the lap quilts the group volunteers to make. We’ve made almost 500 since a year ago. Some we’ve given to hospice, and some to other care homes, and we’ve even given some to the humane shelter for new puppies to go home with, and to the sheriff’s department to carry for stressful situations,” said Margaret. “It’s so pleasant to get back to my normal way of living. I would recommend the PATH program to friends and family who need somewhere to recover.”

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