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It takes a team

Stacey Backer says that when it comes to her position as environmental services supervisor, it’s all about the residents she and her staff serve.

“Overall cleanliness and safety for our residents is what’s most important,” she says. “We want them to have a clean room, heating and air and clean laundry.”

It takes a team to keep Topeka Presbyterian Manor in tip-top shape, and Stacey appreciates hers.

“We have an amazing staff,” she says. “They go way above and beyond for our residents.”

Staff members work together to tackle problems and make sure residents have a safe, healthy and happy living environment.

“They have great teamwork and do a lot of projects together,” Stacey says. “There's not a job that they can’t handle.”

Having worked for Topeka Presbyterian Manor for nearly 10 years, Stacey started as housekeeping and laundry supervisor and was promoted to environmental services supervisor about six months ago.

She said she enjoys the diversity of her position and that she’s learning new skills every day.

“I’m always on my toes,” Stacey says. “There’s new challenges every day to figure out. It’s not the same routine job. It’s like one person being in three different positions, and that’s really good for me.”

Stacey and her team support residents, and Presbyterian Manor supports them.

“It’s a really good company,” she says. “The benefits are really good.”

But when it comes down to it, it’s the people that make the job fulfilling.

“You want to come here to make a difference,” Stacey says. “It seems like the whole company is looking out to make a difference together.”

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