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Get to know Alyssa Colter

This month, we focus on an employee who works in an important, yet seldom highlighted department: medical records. Alyssa Colter has worked at Topeka Presbyterian Manor for six years, but only recently began her journey in medical records.

Alyssa Colter[/caption]

“I started working as an aide on the memory care unit and ended my time as an aide in the Sunflower unit,” Alyssa said. “In medical records, I am learning how to break down charts, close charts, thin charts and do the overflow paperwork. I help send out the doctors’ orders, as well as put them in charts once they are signed.”

Always one to embrace a new challenge, Alyssa has taken to her role with great success.

“I have a wonderful partner in medical records who has been patient and thoughtful in teaching me. Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has been my only retirement community job, and it is very exciting to learn more about the roles within the company,” said Alyssa. “I am 25 years old, so the opportunity to grow is my favorite part. I’m not only growing as a worker, but as a knowledgeable adult.”

When she’s not learning new things at work, Alyssa is helping her 5-year-old son, Kaden, gain new skills at home. “He is the greatest gift. I am blessed with a wonderful family, and we do everything together. We have gone on a yearly camping trip since I was a little girl. I love the outdoors and being on the water,” Alyssa said. “I am a big sports fan. I enjoy watching all sports, and playing them. Mostly, I stay active with nightly walks with my sisters.”

We thank Alyssa, and all of those in the medical records department, for doing such important work behind the scenes.

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