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Education award helps advance dreams, careers

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA) has a long and proud history of supporting employees through education awards. These can be used to pay for college expenses as employees advance in their career field.

“It is critically important that organizations have scholarship efforts in place. We’ve been doing a lot of education to inform our employees about this opportunity. We want to develop their talent for the future,” said Heather Pilkinton, executive director.

One employee who recently received an education award is CMA Ashley Paulsen.

“She shows a lot of promise as a leader for the future in nursing,” said Heather. “She started in our healthcare center, then transitioned to assisted living, and is now pursuing her LPN degree.”

Ashley has been a CNA since 2004, then became a CMA in 2007.

“I’ve always been in the nursing field. Presbyterian Manor was actually my first job out of high school. I came back and really love working here. It’s like a family,” said Ashley. “I’m looking forward to advancing my career in nursing but have been taking my time since I have three kids and don’t want to pile up student debt.”

Ashley is taking classes at Washburn Tech, with her eyes set on Washburn eventually.

“I took classes over the summer and they were accelerated, which was tough working full-time and having children. I had just finished paying for the classes and setting up a payment plan when I was notified that I got the award. I was very excited,” said Ashley. “It kept me motivated to keep going. I would eventually like to go for my RN once my kids are grown.”

Ashley already loved working at Topeka Presbyterian Manor, but the education award was an added bonus.

“I can feel the love between the staff—from the administration to the people I work with—on a daily basis.”

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