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Danica Loftin takes on new role

While Danica Loftin was only in her prior role as administrative services director for 18 months, it was long enough to know that she loved helping others at Topeka Presbyterian Manor. So, when the opportunity arose to take on a new challenge, Danica jumped at the possibility.

"I started my new position as healthcare marketing director in June, and I love it! The sky is the limit, and I'm so excited!" said Danica.

This is a new position for Topeka Presbyterian Manor, but several other Presbyterian Manor communities with large health care centers have this role as well.

"I'm really eager to see the potential growth this allows the building as a whole. The biggest part of my job is building relationships. And just like I did before, I can focus on bridging gaps, whether it be between residents and administration, floor staff and administration, healthcare units and our marketing team, external and referral services ... you name it! This position is a little more external facing, so I'm looking forward to building relationships in the community as well," said Danica.

When she's not at work, Danica is busy enjoy relationships at home. She's the mother of an 11-year-old boy and has been married for 14 years.

"We recently bought a home with a little land, and we enjoy camping in the backyard, planting a garden, cooking and doing family stuff together. Family and experiences are important," said Danica.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful things Danica will do in her new role with Topeka Presbyterian Manor!

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