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Bonds of sisterhood brought these siblings together at Topeka PMMA

They say blood is thicker than water. They say the bonds of sisterhood can’t be broken. Those and other such sayings all apply to Topeka Presbyterian Manor residents Kay Jones and Wilma Cravens. Jones has lived at the manor for 9 years. Cravens joined her younger sister in October and the two have since been inseparable.

“She’s on the second floor and I’m on the first,” said Jones. “We grab lunch together, go to the exercise room and meet up for various activities or just to spend time with one another.”

Jones, whose husband is also a resident, said having her sister and her spouse together at one community that offers a continuum of care is “second to none.”

“My husband is in the health care area,” Jones explained. “Being able to visit him without leaving the building is an immeasurable benefit.”

The sisters are two of ten children, both growing up together in Topeka. Cravens eventually moved to Emporia, where she enjoyed life with her husband, Don, who has since passed away.

Both sisters raised families and have remained close since childhood.

“We grew up under the same roof and here we are together again,” smiled Jones.

For these two sisters, life at Topeka Presbyterian Manor is all they could hope for!

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