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A September of celebrations

Employees celebrate both Assisted Living Week and Housekeeping Week.[/caption]

There are many components to managing a successful senior living community, and we celebrate two very important pieces during the month of September. The 10th through the 16th is both Assisted Living Week and Housekeeping Week!

Hooray for Housekeeping!

Perhaps the most under-sung heroes of senior living communities are housekeeping departments. These professionals do more than just clean, as Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor Stacey Backer will tell you.

“Some people thinks it’s simple; you just go clean. But you have to have a bond with the residents. You’re building trust. It’s customer service. It’s a very personal thing, to clean someone’s living area,” said Stacey. “Our team knows that and has built some amazing relationships with residents and each other. Our teamwork is really unique. We put disagreements on the back burner to meet resident needs. It’s a great team, and not just housekeeping. When dietary or nursing have a need, we help whenever we can. We work with others, no hesitation.”Stacey has been at Topeka Presbyterian Manor for seven years, and she has worked in the field since she was 16.

“My favorite part about my job is taking care of the residents’ needs. There’s a joy in doing the smallest thing or cleaning something so simple. It makes them so happy to have something done that they normally would have done, but can’t any longer. That’s what keeps us all going.” Help us celebrate Assisted Living and Housekeeping Week September 10-16 by giving our teams an extra word of praise for all they do. Thank you!

All About Assisted Living

Director of Assisted Living and Home Health Nancy Riddle has nearly seen it all in her 25 years at Topeka Presbyterian Manor. “Our longevity of staff is really pretty amazing. One of our bath aides has been here for more than 40 years!” said Nancy. “We’re very proud of our assisted living department and the role we play in the continuity of care. We have nurses on duty 24 hours a day and provide certain things residents may not find elsewhere, like diabetic care, an activity program, a weekly chapel and bible study, and access to physical therapy through Aegis.”

Under Nancy’s leadership, the assisted living team carries out Presbyterian Manor’s mission and improves residents’ quality of life. Three meals a day are provided and snacks are always available. Residents are assisted with bathing at the time of their choosing, rather than when our staff decides, which is important.

“Our staff is very dedicated, and we have a family-like environment. It’s resident centered. Some have even stayed up to age 103 when they’ve met the criteria,” said Nancy. While she’s glad there’s a week set aside every year to honor assisted living staff, she doesn’t think it’s necessary. “Our reward is that we enjoy what we’re doing. We don’t have to have anything extra. I just feel like we all do the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

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