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A longing to lead

New Dining Services Director Atul Karki remembers the moment well. He was 10 years old and sitting in a restaurant with his family in Nepal.

“We went to a fine dining restaurant, and I saw a guy in a suit and tie. He was giving directions to people in the restaurant. I found out he was the restaurant manager, and from that day on, that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to lead,” said Atul. “I did my schooling, and even worked in Singapore for four or five years to gain even more experience.”

Atul received his bachelor’s degree in hospitality and a master’s in leadership and marketing from Southwest Minnesota State University. While he’s new to Topeka Presbyterian Manor, he’s not new to PMMA, having recently served as Dining Services Director for Emporia Presbyterian Manor.

“I wanted to a be a good leader in the food industry, and I enjoy serving this population. I’m Asian, and in our culture, we always try to treat the elderly as our own parents or grandparents, no matter who they are. We help them, honor them and make their lives better.”

Atul’s mother and father reside in Nepal, and he has a sister in Australia and a brother in India.

“My whole family is all over the world. Every year, my mom and dad are going to different countries to see their children and sometimes get to come to the United States to stay with me.”

When Atul isn’t behind the decision-making in the Topeka Presbyterian Manor kitchen, you can find him behind the lens of a camera.

“I also enjoy doing photography and video and music production. I’ve even helped Topeka and Emporia Presbyterian Manors by doing a video for them.”

We’re glad Atul was able to fulfill his childhood dream of being a leader in the food industry, and we’re grateful he’ll be putting his skills to use here.

“My favorite thing about my job is to serve residents and make them happy. I want the environment to be as much like home as possible.”

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