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Topeka Presbyterian Manor couple has shared 72 years together

Topeka Presbyterian Manor residents Irene and Carlan Honaker will celebrate 73 years of marriage this summer. The couple, together for seven decades, is enjoying life at The Manor, having moved in just over a year ago.

“I’m in independent living and Carlan is in the healthcare area,” said Irene Honaker. “It is so nice to be under one roof. He gets the care he needs, and we get to see one another any time we want.”

The pair first met at a church youth rally in Weston, Missouri when Irene was just 17. She lived in Topeka and Carlan lived in Weston.

“We were friends for a year or so and then started dating,” she recalled. “We married when I was done with high school, and he moved to Topeka. We’ve been here ever since.”

Carlan ran a successful accounting business for more than 45 years. The couple’s son now runs the company. In all, they have 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren!

The pair met through church and have remained active in their faith.

“I go to chapel with Carlan in the health care center,” she said. “We went to church together our whole lives and we still go together today.”

All told, it’s been 72 years and counting of wonderful memories for Irene and Carlan Honaker!

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