Your Next Step

When is the right time to make a move?

This is a difficult question for many seniors and their families to answer, but there are some rules of thumb that may help you in arriving at a decision. Everyone wants to believe they can maintain their independence forever, and it can be difficult to admit you need even a little bit of assistance to retain your independence.

Ask yourself these simple questions to determine if this is the right time to move into independent living:

  • Does maintaining your home and yard allow you to enjoy life the way you want to live?
  • Do you have enough social contact with friends, family and neighbors?
  • Do you get enough exercise?
  • Do you feel secure in your own home?

Ask yourself these simple questions to determine if this is the right time to move into assisted living:

  • Are you able to go out and buy groceries and other necessities?
  • Are you able and motivated to cook and eat meals?
  • Do you have enough social contact with friends, family and neighbors?
  • Do you get enough exercise?
  • Are you able to perform the little chores that one needs to do to keep functioning?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then a senior living community may be your answer to figuring out your next steps.

Selecting the right senior living community for yourself or a loved one is important, so involve the whole family in the decision-making process. Family members can be helpful in reaching the right decision and in assisting with making the transition smooth and pleasant.

Understand your options

There are many options for senior living, from independent living, to assisted living with minimal and varied assistance only when needed, to full skilled nursing care for those who are unable to care for themselves. Our Understanding Senior Living Options graphic can help explain the differences between common levels and types of care available.

Know what to look for

Download our helpful guides to the different levels of senior living and our Senior Living Tour Checklist to help you know what questions to ask when looking at different senior living communities.

Just like with any other home, location is an important consideration in selecting your senior living solution. Be sure to consider these questions when reviewing your options:

  • Is it easily accessible to your family and friends?
  • Is a hospital or other medical care close by?
  • Can you see yourself or your loved one being happy living there?
  • Is the community a CCRC (a continuum of care on the same campus) community so it can take care of needs as I age?

Schedule a tour

Once you've completed your initial research, it's time for a visit. Contact our Marketing Director to schedule a tour of our senior living in Topeka, Kansas. Contact our marketing director or email.

Finding that perfect place for health care services is one of the most important decision you will make. We've devised a list to help you when touring senior living communities:

  • Staff – Is the team friendly and knowledgeable? You should see staff treating all residents and prospective residents with kindness and respect. Find out who will be caring for you or your loved one.
  • Cleanliness – Make sure the community is fresh and clean. Inquire how many times housekeeping is provided, what services are provided by maintenance and how often.
  • Smell – If there are any foul odors, this will indicate a lack of cleanliness or a temporary problem at the least. If the odor persists throughout the entire community, it is a sign of a bigger problem.
  • Activities – Watch the activity centers. Are they well attended? Are there signs of life in common areas? Review the community calendar and look for a variety of activities both on and off campus.
  • The community – Make sure the community offers things that you or your loved one enjoys, both indoors and outdoors. Ask about the dining experience. Is there a menu with always-available options? Ask to see a sample menu.
  • Security – Check that residences have security features like call buttons and pull cords, room to move around and grab bars in the shower and bathroom. Find out what staffing is available overnight and on weekends.
  • Is care being provided with dignity? – Meet current residents while you are touring. Observe them and how they interact with staff.
  • Be sure to take thorough notes of likes and concerns so you can ask for more information before reviewing your findings with loved ones who are helping you with this decision.

Most importantly, trust your instincts. Can you imagine your loved one living in this community? You must feel comfortable with the community you are touring and that they will have your or your loved one's best interests at heart.

Request an application

If you are ready to make a decision, contact us to receive a residency application form.