More than just a truck

More than just a truck

When resident Alex Grieves purchased a new GMC truck back in 1971, there’s no way he could have predicted its longevity and future. In 1988, his son, Brad, sold his own vehicle to purchase his dad’s truck and put some work into it.

“It’s been everywhere with me. I even moved to Houston for a year, and I was shocked it didn’t get stolen. It’s a very popular body style,” said Brad. “I hung onto it, kept it for a backup vehicle when I needed a truck. I didn’t put that much into it for awhile until the radiator went out.”

Ironically, Brad noticed the liquid leaking under his truck while on a visit to his parents at Presbyterian Manor. It was then he decided to go “all in” on the truck restoration.

“My radiator shot when I went to visit folks at the Manor. I thought if I had to replace the radiator, I might as well replace the engine. So, I had some buddies come up and we pulled the engine, cleaned it up and rebuilt it. Then this last fall, I took it to a local place and had them replace a lot of bodywork that wasn’t done well in 1988,” said Brad.

What a surprise Alex got when Brad showed up with a completely restored truck and took him for a ride in it! He was thrilled with the experience!