Frequently Asked Questions

Making decisions about how — and where — you want to live often raises some important questions. That's why we encourage you to "Just Ask."

You'll find our staff members at Topeka Presbyterian Manor eager to provide the information you need to make informed choices.

Below are some "Frequently Asked Questions," or FAQs, we answer most often:

  • Is maintenance staff available? Yes. Maintenance can be reached by calling the front desk at 785-256-0946 to have a work order written and submitted to meet your need.
  • Is rent pro-rated? Yes. You will be billed for the days of the month you live here after you move in.
  • What happens to my deposit? Your deposit is applied to your rent or fees. If you gave a deposit check to hold an apartment, it will be processed at the time you move in and applied to your first month's rent or fee.
  • Can I decorate or arrange my apartment the way I want? Yes. You are free to decorate your apartment as you wish. It will be deep cleaned and painted before you move in. Maintenance employees are available to help you hang things if you like.

Don't see your question here, try our Just Ask brochure, or call us with your questions. Together, we'll find the answers.